17 in. Pumpkin Rotting Decor Tall

17 in. Pumpkin Rotting Decor Tall

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Use a jack-o-lantern that will last you for years with a Decorative Hallow Pumpkin Cover. Regular pumpkins rot and fall apart after one season, but this 15 jack-o-lantern prop will look just as good and last a lot longer. Place it over a candle flicker light bulb to get an eerie effect.
  • Prop measures 15 in. high x 17 in. wide x 15 in. deep
  • Includes over-sized pumpkin
  • No batteries needed
  • Wipe with clean damp cloth
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Morris Costumes
Model MR-123074
Power Type Not Powered
Decor Type Yard Decoration