84 in. Lanky Witch

84 in. Lanky Witch

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Something wicked this way comes, and its name is the 72 in. Lanky Witch. Who knows what kind of incantations will be cast on Halloween when you decorate with this Witch. Plug the UL adapter into any standard outlet to operate the moving mouth, the LED eyes, the IR (infra-red) sensor and the sounds. With each activation the eyes of the Lanky Witch will glow and her mouth will move in sync as she says one of three spooktacular sayings ("What a charmingly Dreadful evening we are having. This has got to be tied for the most spooktacular night of my witching career; the night I learned how to turn men into toads. That might come in handy tonight. Eh He heh heh", "Well, well, well, what do we have here, you must be brave, coming this close to me. I think I'll reward you with a little enchantment- ooh, don't worry, It won't hurt a bit. At least, I don't think so- hey wait, where are you going, You must stand still if- oh, never mind, you already look cursed". "Ah, the skies are darkening and the witching hour is fast approaching. The weaker hearted should run for cover, for the frolicking of all things wicked will soon be upon us (laugh)". One must be careful not to get in the way of this powerful witch. Assembly required.
  • Includes multiple fabric layers to her costume
  • Her mouth moves to 1 of 3 different sayings
  • Her infra-red sensor activates in all lighting conditions
  • Her mischievous eyes light up when activated
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Home Accents
Model 5124358
Product Internet Number 1001705405
Decor Type Free Standing Decoration